CIFFA’s Secretariat is escalating efforts with the federal government to raise alarm bells over the prospect of an imminent strike at the Port of Montreal.

On February 18, CIFFA released a letter (CIFFA Letter on Threat of Labour Unrest – Port of Montreal), to Pierre Poilievre and Richard Martel, PC members of parliament, to raise concern with the significant economic threat confronting Montreal, and all of Canada, in the real possibility of a renewed labour disruption in the Port of Montreal.

On February 19, CIFFA issued a press release in English and French with a statement from Bruce Rodgers, Executive Director: “Looming Strike in Montreal Port will ‘stick a knife in the Canadian economy.’”

Also on February 19, CIFFA addressed the Prime Minister of Canada in a letter expressing alarm concerning the deteriorating situation in labour relations at the Port of Montreal. With time running out on the “truce” established last summer, we are facing the possibility of an extremely serious economic blow to Montreal, to Quebec and to Canadian business generally.

CIFFA has made available a template letter for members who may wish to contact their local MP regarding the threat of a labour stoppage at the Port of Montreal.