Moving back home checklist

The process of knowing the Destination Import Requirements is essential in personal effect moves, and should be the first thing done prior to any new move.

Companies who regularly handle personal effects know that Import Regulations for Used Personal Effects vary from country to country, and to gain duty-free entry there is a list of specific customs forms, declarations, visa status confirmations, passport copies, packing lists and bills of landing required.

The original packer must know, and the destination agent must confirm exactly what documentation requirements are necessary for import clearance of any given personal effects shipment.

This should be done before packing, before the survey, before the client leaves town and before shipping. According to WCA Relocations, if neither is doing this before all those steps, then both parties have been negligent as Personal Effect Forwarders and additional costs will be incurred.

If you are planning to move back home taking all your belongings with you, MELLOHAWK Logistics can provide you with a complete and detailed quotation, based on the most competitive rates in the market.

Our services include freight, documentation and customs clearance assistance at destination (when required).

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