One of the most talked topics among participants in Sao Paulo Intermodal Cargo Fair this week has been the restriction of truck access to some terminals at the Santos port due to the fire at a nearby fuel-storage facility. Some news updates are below:

MELLOHAWK Logistics warns: Be sure to check against contractual provisions on notices of readiness, laytime, and demurrage.

(JOC, Tuesday April 07, 2015) – Shippers moving goods through Santos are grappling with road restrictions around Brazil and specifically around Santos, South America’s largest port, as firefighters attempt to squelch a fire at a liquid bulk terminal that’s been blazing for five days. More than a hundred firefighters, including specialists from the oil company Petrobras, have been fighting the fire at the Ultracargo terminal following three explosions on Friday morning. Truck traffic to the port via various junctures has been banned. Following the outbreak of the fire, fueled by the igniting of stored ethanol and gasoline at the terminal, local and national authorities implemented a ban on trucks accessing the port’s right bank facilities because the traffic was causing massive congestion in the city of Santos and neighboring San Vicente. Trucks are being restricted to a holding area some 20 kilometers (roughly 12 miles) further up the Anchieta Highway, with only a few trucks at a time allowed to access the main road to Santos. The restrictions come during the busy soya export season, when thousands of trucks enter the port to drop off their loads.

The port authority Codesp said that restrictions on trucks did not affect container terminal operations on the right bank too adversely as there were already plenty of containers to be loaded from the terminals. However, bottlenecks might appear over the next week or so as the terminals and shippers play catch-up.  Left bank facilities, including Santos Brasil and Embraport container terminals, have not been affected by the truck bans because they are accessible via the city of Cubatao.

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