Small Parcels / Courier to Brazil

Why Use MELLOHAWK Logistics for courier and small parcels to Brazil

MELLOHAWK Logistics offers streamlined services for small packages and courier to Brazil. Our services include a comprehensive parcel tracking system ensuring that you can you track the progress of your shipment every step of the way. MELLOHAWK not only offers insurance for small packages to Brazil, but we have developed a system that ensure headache free custom clearance upon importing or exporting from Brazil. MELLOHAWK experienced staff with over 20 years of experience ensure your parcel arrives safely to its destination in Brazil. If the package receiver cannot be contacted upon the initial attempt, MELLOHAWK offers a second delivery attempt without any further charges to the sender or the recipient. If you follow our guidelines for shipping small parcels and courier from Canada to Brazil, rest assured your package to Brazil will be cleared through customs and delivered on time.

What is the process of shipping small packages from Canada to Brazil?

First of all, all shipments being imported into Brazil must be addressed and directed to Guarulhos International Airport. Once your parcel is on its way, it will be scanned using an x-ray machine before being loaded onto a courier plane. Thus, it is very important to make note of any sensitive shipments which may be damaged by x-ray, so that an alternate scanning measure must be used by safety officers. Upon arrival in Brazil, depending on the time of day it arrives and the operating hours of the specific terminal, it may only take a couple of hours for your parcel to be released. If MELLOHAWK’s standard operating procedures are followed, your package has a much higher likelihood of making a seamless transition from an international transport to a domestic delivery service and hence arriving its destination on time.

How much will a small package shipment to Brazil cost?

Shipment to Brazil Cost

Regardless of value, any package that involves a company as the sender or receiver will be subject to import fees upon entry to Brazil. However, if a parcel is sent from one private individual to another, the first $50 USD will not be taxed. Additionally, up to $10,000 USD worth of medicines may be tax exempt, if they are sent for a specific individual. While there is no hard cut-off in terms of package weight, those parcels which are over 30 kg (or 66.1 lbs) may be subject to additional shipping charges. Furthermore, packages above the size limit of 0.90-meter x 0.90-meter may be subject to invasive inspection, rather than just an x-ray. An annual goods-value limit of $100,000 USD per recipient is in place for products that are destined for resale or industrialization.

What restrictions and regulations I must follow when shipping from Canada to Brazil?

There are several items that require special authorization or licenses to import into Brazil through express shipment, and there are other items which are not allowed under any conditions. The latter includes carcinogens such as asbestos, as well as weaponry and illegal drugs. There are also restrictions surrounding the import of artworks, beverages, tobacco, and currency. Furthermore, wildlife plants and animals may not be imported into Brazil through express shipment. It is vital that MELLOHAWK Logistics be notified of any shipments which may be composed of, or contain within, any quantity of forbidden or restricted items.

  • Products that require import license;

  • Products, import of which is forbidden according to the legislation in force;

  • Chemical products or products classified as hazardous;

  • Goods controlled by the army or the Federal Police;

  • Narcotics, drugs and their diluents;

  • Weapons and munitions;

  • Wildlife animals;

  • Wildlife plants;

  • Ivory;

  • Any product that violates moral and good customs;

  • Diamonds, precious or semi-precious metals and stones;

  • Currency;

  • Second-hand or reconditioned goods;

  • Artworks;

  • Beverages and Tobacco;

  • Human parts (and ashes);

  • Falsified products;

  • Asbestos;

  • Games and gambling material;

  • Any other product not allowed for air transport according to the specific law.



Frequently Asked Questions for shipping small parcels to Brazil

Import taxes for shipments into Brazil are charged at 60% of the customs value, which is calculated as the sum total of the declared value, plus shipping and insurance. In addition, depending on the location of delivery within Brazil, ICMS charges may apply.

Unfortunately, gifts imported through Correios (whether Importa Fácil or NTS is used) are still subject to import taxation, following the same guidelines mentioned above.

While the mechanism of taxation used by the authorities in Brazil results in some parcels with a stated value of over $50 USD not being taxed, this should be taken as an exception to the rule, rather than the norm.

Generally, almost all products are taxable upon entry into Brazil. Taxes may be waived on items such as literature, including books and magazines, and samples of other products.

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