Air Freight

Expedited Shipping with MELLOHAWK Logistics

Air Freight / Expedited Shipping is an ideal solution for clients with urgent deadlines. For almost 20 years shippers of all sizes trust MELLOHAWK Logistics to expedite their shipment with Air Freight / Air Cargo.  MELLOHAWK Logistics, an IATA (International Air Transportation Association) agent for all major airlines, provides a complete package of air logistics solutions. As a full-service Air Freight expert, we understand that air freight is a premium service, therefore our air freight program focuses on quick transit time and constant communication with shippers and consignees, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities such as consolidation, intermodal alternatives, and multiple carriers’ options.

We serve clients globally with strengths in North and South America with special focus on Brazil, Peru, and Chile. Clients partner with MELLOHAWK Logistics to avoid shipment delays and ensure they meet their deadlines. Contact MELLOHAWK Logistics for your time-sensitive logistics challenges, and we will be happy to discuss the options that meet your business needs, and most importantly, your budget. We go the extra mile to find the most cost-effective options for you.

Air Freight Options

Air Cargo charter services

If you need to transport large volumes of goods or have an urgent shipping deadline, our air cargo charter services will be the most convenient solution. We are experienced and equipped to provide a best tailor-made air cargo solution that meets your delivery expectations.

Air Cargo consolidated shipments

Air cargo consolidated shipments means you do not need an entire pallet or air container. Under the same master waybill, we combine your shipment with other shippers going to the same destination. The normal export/import procedures, and security measures do not change. Our air cargo and air freight consolidated service not only meet the security and flexibility required by your business, but consolidating cargo also guarantees lower shipping rates and great freight management for our clients.

Air Shipments with Expedited Air Cargo

Air cargo shipping is very competitive, and space can be tight, but the speed of delivery time far exceeds any other transportation mode. However, some clients require an even faster transportation option. For example, time-sensitive goods including pharmaceutical products and vaccines may require minimal delay during distribution; thus, expedited Air Cargo can be a great choice. This is the fastest shipping method when it comes to shipment in general. Expedited air freight also serves as a valuable option to many customers and could be the deciding factor for competing distributors who may have clients with time-sensitive shipment demands.

Domestic vs International Air Freight Shipment in the Canadian Context

When it comes to considering air freight for domestic shipments, the cost-benefit analysis must be performed on a country-by-country basis. For instance, in many small European countries, air freight may not offer tremendous time savings compared to land transport. However, as the service area becomes larger, the value of air freight becomes more apparent. In a country with a large landmass like Canada, goods originating from the east coast may be thousands of kilometers away from their destination in the central provinces or the west coast. Thus, domestic air freight can become a viable option for connecting regions within Canada that are separated by a larger distance. In addition, manufacturers and distributors within Canada must know domestic land-based shipments can be significantly slower to deliver than international air freight coming in from across the globe. Thus, air freight may be essential to maintaining the advantages associated with domestic production and distribution of goods.

Air Freight Canada: Optimizing Delivery Speed by Combining Air and Land Shipping

When it comes to countries like Canada where we have widely separated dense pockets of population, a combination of land and air freight is often the answer to increasing the efficiency of goods distribution. Specially for places where we have a mature network of dense, intra-regional shipping options, combining air freight from one region to another and then using land shipping results in an optimal shipping speed. Furthermore, this also provides more flexibility in distribution network planning. Perfect examples of such places where combined Air and Land Shipment makes perfect sense are large cities and their adjacent area such as Greater Toronto Area and the Metropolitan Vancouver Region.



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Air Freight Shipping with MELLOHAWK Logistics

The Benefits:

MELLOHAWK Logistics prides itself in giving clients the very best cost-effective services in logistics management for almost two decades. We are known for our attention to detail, and we save our money by getting it right the first time. As an international provider of worldwide freight services, we offer the following diverse benefits to our clients.

Air Freight is costly, so our clients prefer to work with the best. Our goal is to always provide best in class service and seek the highest customer satisfaction.

We adjust to meet the needs of our customers and go beyond their expectations to deliver customer satisfaction. (NEED FORMATTING HERE)

Our experience with Air Freight enables us to provide an estimated quotation in less than 24hrs.

Our Air Freight experience with Brazil and other Latin American countries gives us the ability to foresee positive and negative outcomes even before your shipment departs. We guarantee you will have all the knowledge necessary when air shipping overseas with MELLOHAWK Logistics.

We have an array of services that allow our clients to hire one supplier for the whole process. We offer a total of 13 different services to our clients for any country in the world.

We air ship everything and anything to everywhere in the world. We have special air freight expertise and experience with many industries including automotive, museum collections and fine art, chemicals, cosmetics, bio-chemicals, garments, high-tech, infrastructure, heavy equipment, food, perishables, trade shows & marketing materials, and publishing.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Air Freight

In common usage, air freight and air cargo are terms that are often used interchangeably.

The most obvious benefit of air freight is unparalleled speed. After all, no sea or land-based distribution system can transport goods across the world within a single day. In addition, air freight companies – especially those with years of experience in the field – can often offer a highly flexible air freight shipping schedule, to suite the needs of clients. This is because flights take off much more often than say, ocean cargo vessels. Also, air freight tracking allows for more time-accurate reports regarding shipment location, as other methods of transportation for goods often update tracking with significantly less frequency. In addition, due to higher flight frequency, storage – and consequently, safety – of goods is not as big a concern, as compared to sea-based methods.

In many cases, yes! While the advantages of air freight are most apparent when transporting goods across larger distances – which tend to be international – shipping domestically via air transport is still a valuable tool, especially for time-sensitive products. Domestic cargo transport in Canada often involves distances seen typically in international shipping, so corporations based in Canada or the US should consider air freight!

While there are obvious limitations in terms of weight and bulk that apply for air freight, many cargo planes today can handle surprisingly large equipment transportation.

Again, the answer is yes in many cases. While specific documents may be required for different types of dangerous goods, an experienced freight forwarder like MELLOHAWK Logistics will be able to advise the proper packing and documentation to efficiently manage the transport of many dangerous goods.

For case-specific advice, as well as air freight quotes, contact us and we will guide you through the process of optimizing your distribution and shipment system!

The actual costs associated with using air freight companies can range greatly, depending on several factors. For instance, volume of shipment, along with time-sensitivity, nature of goods (i.e. dangerous, bulky, requiring special care), location of origin and destination, and end-stage delivery coupled with a cargo shipment company can all influence the total cost of using air freight. It should be noted that generally, air freight does tend to be a costlier option compared to other methods; however, when value is analyzed, air freight does come with many significant benefits for the added costs. As air freight cost varies greatly, it is always best to contact us for a quick and simple air freight quote