Consolidated LTL Freight

What are Consolidated Shipments and LTL Freight stands for? LTL Meaning?

LTL freight refers to shipment of cargo which occupies ‘less-than-truckload.’ In other words, if a relatively small freight shipment does not require the use of a full trailer, it would be considered an LTL cargo shipment. The weight and size of LTL freight vary greatly, from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Of course, shipping using LTL means that the cost of transport will be split up between the various shippers who are contributing their own LTL freight to make up a full truckload. This cost-sharing is often done by relative trailer square footage taken up by the freight for each shipper. Consolidation of LTL freight is referred to more simply as ‘consolidated shipments.’ During the process of LTL freight consolidation, multiple cargo items from various shippers are collected at a common point that is relatively close to the origin of the shipments. This common point is referred to as the consolidation warehouse, where multiple shipments are placed onto one truck (based upon the proximity of the delivery locations) and then shipped out.

What are the Benefits of Using Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping?

Using consolidated LTL freight method for transporting goods is particularly effective if your cargo is beyond parcel size limit. The most obvious benefit is the reduction in cost associated with sharing the square footage within the shipping container. Also, consolidated LTL freight plans typically offer comprehensive tracking, for an anxiety-free experience. In addition, LTL shipments are typically more secure by virtue of using pallets to combine several cargo items, as these would be more vulnerable individually due to their smaller size.

When is Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping most effective?

Due to the nature of consolidated shipments, freight carriers have a tighter schedule to operate within; after all, their trucks are filled more quickly, as LTL service demand can exceed that of full truckload shipments, meaning that trucks are sent out on a more frequent basis. In addition, having to meet the demands of several shippers – as opposed to a single one – encourages the freight carrier to put more emphasis on timely deliveries. For these reasons, consolidated LTL freight plans can be a great option for moderately time-sensitive cargo delivery. Having a routine schedule can also boost the effectiveness of consolidated LTL freight, as the carrier is able to become accustomed to the unique demands of each shipper. Dense shipments can also be more cost-effective when shipped through consolidated LTL freight, as price is often assigned based upon the cargo’s square footage (or sometimes, the volume of the freight), rather than the weight. However, freight class often comes into play, so weight of the shipment can still be a factor in the price.

Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping with MELLOHAWK

When it comes to the overall experience of LTL freight shipping through MELLOHAWK, we place a big emphasis on offering as seamless of a process as possible. As such, we offer climate-controlled initial and last-mile cargo shipment, through both the dry and reefer overland shipment processes. This allows us to carry a wide variety of cargo, ensuring that we can meet and exceed the needs of all our clients. In between the first and last legs of transport, our industry-leading shipping partners ensure that your goods are preserved in optimal, cargo-specific containers that are transported through our ocean freight services. Our routinely run cargo shipment routes departing and arriving at multiple Canadian ports ensure that our clients receive the timeliest available options for delivery.

Simple and Easy Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping Quotes

At MELLOHAWK Logistics, we recognize that our clients are extremely busy, and may find it overly time-consuming to go back and forth with an agent to simply inquire about the different shipping options available that would suite their specific needs. With this in mind, our clients can utilize our easy-to-use quote form to get a good estimation of the costs associated with different shipment options. All that is necessary for this is some basic shipment information, and we can start working on helping you reach your desired outcome today!

MELLOHAWK’s Expansive LTL Freight Shipping Network

Due in large part to our years of experience in the field, we are proud to partner with many of the most well-recognized and respected LTL freight carriers. Having such a broad availability of carriers and shipment options allows us to fine-tune the services we offer to meet the specific demands of our clients. Whether you are looking to ship LTL cargo within Canada, the United States, or across borders, we are ready to offer our top-quality services – including worry-free customs brokerage.



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LTL Freight Shipping Insurance

Of course, even with the most trusted carriers, unforeseen circumstances can lead to delays and issues pertaining to cargo preservation. As such, we offer competitive and affordable insurance rates, so that our clients can rest assured that they will never be left in a difficult situation without assistance. Numerous factors impact insurance costs and coverage plans, so be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can work together to ensure that you have a great experience with us!


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping and LTL Quotes

Although consolidated LTL deliveries can be on the quicker side when compared to alternative options, within this class of cargo transport, there are expedited options available at an additional cost. Contact MELLOHAWK Logistics for a quote!

FTL refers to ‘full truckload’ freight, in which cargo from one shipper takes up all of the usable space on the trailer, or the truck’s weight limit. FTL does not offer the benefit of cost-sharing with other shippers, although it does allow for special attention to the goods and potentially faster transit times. To find out where your shipment would fall, contact us today!

While LTL freight services can offer a high departure frequency, and a relatively quick delivery, it does fall behind in these areas when compared to full truckload freight shipment. In fact, not all carriers offer LTL freight – although MELLOHAWK does work closely with sub-contractors who are experienced in consolidated shipments and LTL freight.