Truck Freight

What is Road & Truck Freight Services?

When looking at freight transport overall, several methods come to mind. These include air courier services, sea-based transport, and even rail. However, perhaps the most widely utilized and accessible method of freight transport is road-based, using a variety of platforms. These include tractor trailers for most packages and parcel sizes, along with specialized overload trucks and car transport-haulers. It is important to distinguish between independent trucking freight services and those associated with another transport method; while the former refers to exclusively land-based plans, the latter is simply a first and/or last step in a freight service defined by another transport method. As such, if cargo is shipped through an air network, and then transported to the destination using last-mile trucking, this would still generally be referred to as an air transport service, although it incorporates road and trucking freight as well.

The Time Factor Related to Truck Transportation

Trucking vs. Air Freight

Time sensitivity is also a factor which may work against road-based cargo shipment, as loads can take several days to be delivered, as would be the case for trucking freight internationally across North America. However, in some cases – particularly over short distances – trucking freight can actually compete with air transport in terms of door-to-door delivery times. This is even more so the case when first and/or last-mile legs through trucking are necessary in an air-courier plan. In addition, shipping hazardous goods can bridge the gap between air and trucking-based transit times, as there are typically much more stringent safety inspections and requirements for air-based hazardous goods transport.

Rail vs. Trucking Freight

When it comes to over-land transport, the most obvious advantage of trucking freight over rail is flexibility. First, rail services are only available in select places that are regularly serviced by trains. Even then, railroads operate on much more specific and predetermined terms and timelines, so it is rare to find a rail carrier who will match your needs and scheduling perfectly. In addition, rail freight essentially always requires a first and last-mile road-based cargo transporter, which can add time and cost. However, railroad freight delivery is widely considered to be much more environmentally friendly, from a greenhouse-gas emissions standpoint.



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Benefits of Road & Trucking Freight Services

It should come as no surprise that trucking freight can be a more cost-effective method of transporting cargo, as compared to air and sea-based methods. This is why tractor trailers often make international trips across North America to transport goods from origin to destination. One of the most important factors which allows trucking to be so cost-effective is the minimization of costs; after all, typically only a single driver is required for the actual transport of the goods, as opposed to a ship or aircraft crew. In addition, shipping by road often requires no more than one loading and offloading sequence, whereas shipping by air or sea usually necessitates two such sequences for the initial and final legs of the trip – which are typically road-based – in addition to the loading and unloading of the aircraft or ship. Of course, there are limitations to trucking freight exclusively, the most obvious of which is the inability to transport goods over geographical barriers like mountain ranges and seas. However, trucking freight does allow delivery services to certain remote locations that are inland, which would not otherwise be accessible due to lack of waterway access or no airstrip at the destination.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Road & Trucking Freight

MELLOHAWK Logistics has industry-leading partners with years of experience in the shipment of oversized cargo. Of course, as with any other method of freight transport, there are additional costs associated with oversized trucking freight. Get in contact with us for a quick and easy quote!

When it comes to the security of cargo, air transport typically offers the most stress-free experience. After all, it offers the most precise tracking methods, and enhanced security around airports and air-cargo terminals. However, it also involves the shipment changing hands more frequently and being transferred to other vehicles for last-mile delivery. Contact us and we will help you decide which transport method best suites your needs!

Regarding sub-contractors, MELLOHAWK only partners with the best in the field. If we accept your shipment that requires special attention, we will ensure that it gets it. We will never accept a contract if we are not confident that we can safely fulfill the terms of the delivery.