Customs Brokerage Services

What is a Customs Broker?

When it comes to the transport of freight across international borders, dealing with customs agencies can be often be a confusing and anxiety-inducing process. As such, having a competent customs broker should be a top priority for corporations and individuals looking to import or export goods across borders. In fact, certain countries have import/export laws which require the use of a specialized customs broker to allow for the flow of goods.

What do Customs Brokerage Services provide?

There are numerous services provided by customs brokers, including classification of applicable tariffs according to the freight class and value, along with simplifying the process of customs valuation and organizing refunds where applicable. In addition, a customs broker will break down the effect of excise and sales taxes in relation to the location of the origin versus the destination, along with any special exemptions or additional costs that may be associated with certain shipment quantities or classifications. Furthermore, a quality customs brokerage service, like the one provided by Mellohawk Logistics, will ensure that the shipper understands the implications and possibilities regarding cargo seizures. They will also navigate the sender through the forms and applications needed for a seamless import/export experience. Perhaps most importantly, a quality customs brokerage service will help ensure that freight is transferred through customs in a time-sensitive manner, which is best accomplished by a thorough pre-shipment checklist.



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How has Digitization Impacted Customs Brokerage?

One of the most important benefits of using Mellohawk Logistics as your customs brokerage service provider is our expertise in digital brokerage. As the number of countries offering end-to-end digital brokerage continues to expand, shippers have the right to demand a freight forwarding service with expertise in this area. Digitization of the customs process allows for significantly reduced timelines, and prevents many of the delays associated with incomplete or misplaced paperwork. In fact, some estimates have placed the percentage of customs hours spent on the drafting and processing of import/export related paperwork to be at nearly 50%, depending on the region. Cutting down on this preventable time-loss by utilizing digital customs services allows for the reduction of costs to both shippers and carriers, helping to streamline this traditionally complex process.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Customs Brokerage Services

It should be noted that government border agencies often levy penalties for missing, incomplete, or incorrect paperwork; thus, it is best to consult with the professionals at Mellohawk to ensure that you are not placed in this situation. Penalties due to inaccurate paperwork – often caused by attempting to complete the import/export process without the guidance of a broker – can even exceed the brokerage service charges in the first place.

While not all customs brokers can provide service to all origins and destinations, Mellohawk has years of experience and comprehensive services available in this field. It is not recommended to utilize multiple brokers at once, as this can cause unnecessary confusion and prevent the customs broker from developing an efficient workflow with regards to your specific import/export needs.