Warehouse And Distribution Services

Warehousing refers to the process of storing goods while distribution refers to the process of delivering the goods to the final customers.

MELLOHAWK’s warehousing services ensure the proper protection of goods while in our warehouses as well as their safe arrival, no matter the destination. Our warehouse facilities can also accommodate containerized cargo and hazardous material. MELLOHAWK’s warehouse management system ensures accurate product reporting and inventory tracking. Additionally, we perform control checks on all of our stored goods upon entry and exit to confirm all goods are preserved.

Why use MELLOHAWK warehouse and distribution services?

As experts on warehousing and distribution, MELLOHAWK provides its customers with all the logistics including taking orders, processing payments, scheduling shipments, storing goods, packaging, and delivery. MELLOHAWK’s goal is to make the warehouse and delivery process easier for their customer so they can spend their valuable time focusing on their core business.

In Addition, we work with our clients to reduce their fixed overhead costs by offering reasonable prices and cost-effective shipping.

We continue to grow by utilizing new technologies, innovation, and supply chain solutions. We at MELLOHAWK strongly believe in measuring and improving our services so we can provide the best value to our customers.

The MELLOHAWK Advantage

MELLOHAWK has been excelling in the Canadian and Worldwide transportation and logistics field for the last two decades. Their personalized solutions are catered specifically for their client’s business needs. They take customer’s schedules, storage requirements and packaging requests into account when storing and transporting their goods.



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Mellohawk Warehouse Services

MELLOHAWK offers both short term and long-term warehousing for our clients.

MELLOHAWK takes responsibility for picking and packing your order before shipping it. We use custom packaging and premium materials in order to enhance the unboxing experiences.

MELLOHAWK’s offers cross docking services to help its clients cut down on warehousing and delivery costs, lower delivery times and reduce inventory touches.

MELLOHAWK provides customers with a tracking number across all methods of transportation, so they can always keep an eye on their package.

MELLOHAWK’s logistics system allows them to provide customers with frequent and accurate inventory reports about their products.

MELLOHAWK’s provides fulfillment solutions on a domestic level. We offer retail, B2B and ecommerce fulfillment services

MELLOHAWK Provides custom labels and repacking services for their clients. This is useful for when clients importing products from overseas that need local market distribution.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Warehouse And Distribution Services

Our warehouse and distribution process are simple.

Step 1: First, you send us your products.

Step 2: Secondly, we approve them and store them in our warehouse facilities.

Step 3: We ship them out for you, wherever you like us to!

Although MELLOHAWK’s offices are in Florida, USA and Ontario, Canada, we ship worldwide. Our decades of international shipping experience allow us to ship to any and every destination.