On Thursday, March 13th, Arnon Melo, as a Seneca alumni and representing MELLOHAWK Logistics, took part in the Seneca Alumni panel sharing key career tips with International Business students. Other Successful International Business grads also participated as panel speakers such as Leonard Isayev (Regional Business Manager Guess/Gc watches Europe Middle East and Asia), Priscila Kallfelz (Marketing & Business Development Specialist at Mandala Group), Tania Rashid (Education Program Assistant at TakingITGlobal) and Gordon Scheel (Business Development & Export Advisor for Regional Municipality of York), and they were joined by Henry Zhang (Vice President of Marketing at Landpower Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage) and Augusto Mari (Educator at lululemon athletica).

Arnon Melo, Augusto Mari, Tania Rashid, Priscila Kallfelz, Gordon Scheel, Leonard Isayev, and Henry Zhang

It is the second time we have participated in the panel, and every year I get surprised by how much we can help doing so little. I wish those students the best in their careers, and for sure, I will see them speaking in our place in the future. And remember, whatever passion you have, it will guide you to your destination, so follow it.

Arnon Melo, MELLOHAWK Logistics Managing Director

* This is an annual event organized by the School of International Business (SIB) and Career Services, and was co-sponsored by Seneca Alumni.